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First Serial Killer of Hawaii The Honolulu Strangler

The Honolulu Strangler or the Honolulu rapist is the first known serial killer of Hawaii and unfortunately enough he had not been caught. He has 5 known female victims he killed between 1985 and 1986. The ages of the known victims was between 17 and 36. As a response a task force was put together having a 27 person team, but unfortunately he hasn't been caught.

The first victim was 25 year old Vicki Gail Purdy. She was described as tough woman and street wise. She was described as being wise on who she could and could not trust. Her husband described her as being a fighter. He believes it would had to have taken two people to do what happened to her.

On May 29, 1985 Vicki dressed up in a yellow jumpsuit and went out clubbing in Waikiki, Hawaii. A motorist found her body 7 am along the rocky embankment of  Ke'ehi Lagoon. Her car had been found parked near the club. She had been strangled to death and her hands were bound and had been sexually assaulted.

The second victim was 17 year old Regina Sakamoto she was from Waipahu. She was a high school senior described as shy and friendly. She was described as being extremely close to her mother.

On Jan. 14, 1986 Regina missed the bus and called her boyfriend around 7:15 a.m. to tell him she would be late. She did not report to class that day and when she didn't return that night she was reported missing. Her body was discovered the next day. She was partially dressed hands bound behind her back and sexually assaulted. She was also strangled to death. She was also found in the Ke'ehi Lagoon. She was last seen at a bus stop.

The third victim was 21 year old Denise Hughes. She was described as always having a smile on her face no matter what. She was described as the ideal employee even with her only working 3 months as a Secretary at the Long Distance/ USA Inc. She had only lived in Hawaii for 5 months with her Sailor Husband. He was stationed

On Jan. 29, 1986 Denise ate super aboard his ship and left to go home around 10 p.m. Worry began to rise when she did not arrive at work the next day. Work had called her husband to see why she didn't arrive. She typically took the bus to work. On Feb. 1, 1986 her body was found wrapped in a tarp and rolled down a mud embankment. Her hands were tied behind her back and she was strangled.

Louise Medeiros from Kauai to search for independence. She was no stranger to trouble and lived with beach people. But family said that the last time they saw she had become more mature and less rebellious. She was three months pregnant at this time.

On March 26, 1986 Louise called her family and said she was on the plane from Kauai to fly home to Ohau. She said she would go home by using theairport bus to get to her boyfriends house in Waipahu, She never made it there. On April 2, 1986 her body was found in a Waikele stream. She'd been bound, raped and strangled.

The last known victim was 36 year old Linda Pesce. Linda was known for her love of adventure. She hitch hiked across The U.S. on her own, she moved to Hawaii to dance and lived in Guam for a while before moving back to Hawaii. She was described as carefree, street-wise, and opinionated. She did not live the wild life as she had before she gave birth to her daughter. She had changed her wild ways, but was described as being a fighter.

On April 29, 1986 Linda left her apartment and was expected to come home late due to work. Her roommate reported her missing to the police the next morning. Problem was she never made it to work and her car was abandoned on the side of the Nimitz-H1 viaduct. On May 3rd Linda was also found with her hands bound, raped, and strangled.


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